Your shipping gateway to the world – the GLS Global App

Thanks to social media, a wide range of communication tools and e-commerce, we are more globally connected today than ever before. As a result, more and more parcels are going to family, friends and customers in far-away countries. To make worldwide shipping stress-free, simple and fast, GLS Ireland has now developed a new app.

Parcels to the UK, Nigeria, Australia or Brazil have one thing in common: preparing the shipment is complex at first glance – that’s because of customs clearance. But for GLS ParcelShop customers it’s easy. They just enter the shipment details into the new GLS Global app in a few easy steps and their parcel is ready to go.

“Today, it's hard to imagine life without digital solutions because they add an additional service dimension,” says Swen Krüger, Managing Director GLS Ireland. “Our new app simplifies shipping anywhere in the world and opens up new possibilities and more flexibility for our customers.”


After Brexit, a convenient solution for dutiable shipments to England was in high demand. After all, the United Kingdom is not only Ireland’s most important export destination, but also the most popular destination for ParcelShop customers. “The GLS Global App is already being used far beyond that,” says Swen Krüger. “Just one month after the launch, our customers had downloaded it even more often than expected and handed over parcels to us for a total of ten countries. We are very pleased that we have obviously hit the right nerve with the app.”

Secure shipping one tap away

The journey starts in the GLS ParcelShop. Here, private customers and commercial senders with small shipping quantities select the destination country and parcel size. They then enter the ParcelShop, sender and recipient details step by step on the GLS Global App. Once the customs information such as the value of goods and the VAT number – if the parcel is going to a business – have been added, simply click the share button. At the same moment, GLS Ireland receives all the information it needs to take care of customs clearance and speedy delivery.

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