New IT solution facilitates reliable delivery

With a new tool GLS Ireland takes a great step forward in handling the difficulties parcel services are facing in Ireland. In 2015, Ireland introduced a zip code system, Eircode. However, only 8 per cent of the population use the codes. At the same time, 35 per cent of premises have non-unique addresses due to an absence of house numbers or names. For that reason, address quality for routing and delivering parcels reliably and efficiently is often poor. 

The new solution was created by GLS’ own team of developers and supports delivery drivers finding consignees and delivering parcels in the most efficient way. Designed with the novice user in mind, it is available on a tablet and able to make navigating easier and less time consuming for delivery drivers. The key feature is that the tool uses multiple sources to verify data, for example, corrected address data from the GLS IT system, geocodes from third-party services as well as imported data from delivery drivers. Therefore, the system deals with low address quality in a more robust way and enables future data sets to be even further enhanced.

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