Surprise deliveries to volunteers across the country

Thank you for all that you do! That's what Volunteer Ireland wants to say to the many volunteers in the country with their annual awards. As it was not possible to honour the award winners in person in 2020, GLS Ireland helped make them feel special and appreciated.

It was also a special moment for the delivery driver Samuel when he pressed the bell button with a blue parcel and the hamper full of goodies on his arm and the awardee opened the door with a surprised face. While he explained what the delivery was all about, the lady's whole face began to beam and she thanked him joyfully. When she then unwrapped the personally engraved trophy and the framed letter from President Michael D. Higgins, she was visibly moved.

“We fully support and celebrate both the work of Volunteer Ireland and the commitment of volunteers all over this country”, says Swen Krüger, Managing Director GLS Ireland. “It was a great pleasure for us to do our part for this year’s ceremony by making sure that every winner receives their award on time. Being involved in the awards allows us to reflect on ourselves and be more conscious of the communities we are part of.”


Unusual year for volunteering and Awards


During the turbulent year 2020, helping other people in one's community has reached a new level of importance. This was reflected in the fact that Volunteer Ireland received a record-breaking 800 nominations in the nine different categories for their awards. In view of COVID-19, the usual awards ceremony took on a new shape: after GLS Ireland had personally delivered the awards to the winners or their nominators, Volunteer Ireland announced the names of the awardees virtually on 5 December.


“We have indeed achieved our goal of giving our awardees 'their' moment even in this unusual year, so that we were able to honour their contribution to Irish society and inspire others to get involved,” says Nina Arwitz CEO at Volunteer Ireland. “We are happy to have found a like-minded partner in GLS Ireland.”

Amazing Volunteers


Each of their stories is unique – but what all Volunteer Ireland Awards winners have in common is their tireless commitment to a good cause in their community and their ability to reach out and mobilise others. There is the volunteer who has kept a youth club running for over 60 years, the couple who started a watch patrol because of a number of fatal accidents on the waterways of their city. The volunteer who has significantly expanded a “friendly call service” for the elderly and lonely people on her own. Or the group of volunteers who provide free services to families with children with cancer and have a sick child themselves. Read each of their inspiring stories.



Join the delivery drivers as they surprise the awarded volunteers and share the moment when the winners unpack their parcels!

“Connecting communities through volunteering” is the motto of Volunteer Ireland who supports and promotes volunteering. Every year, the organisation honors volunteers from various different backgrounds in an award ceremony as vital part of their work. Moreover, the charity organises initiated campaigns such as National Volunteering Week, offers volunteer placement programmes or develops and supports best practice in volunteering and Volunteer Centres, among others.

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